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Consulting and Analytics



Intellia is a leading provider of high quality, cost-effective consulting and analytics for investment firms (PE / VC and family offices), boutique consulting firms, banks and corporate business development teams across various geographical locations and sectors.


We focus on substantiating qualitative insights with analytical rigor applied to data sets collated through both primary and secondary research that truly reflect on-the-ground operating realities. Our team is trained across quantitative (financial modelling, valuation, business driver forecasting etc.) to qualitative aspects (competitive landscape benchmarking, research with industry experts & consumers, data capture and review of existing market reports etc.).

To ensure a client’s needs are met, we conduct a client onboarding program that includes gaining an understanding of and customizing to a client’s internal processes and standardized templates (PowerPoint, Excel and Word).

Intellia’s cost-effective pricing mechanism ranges from dedicated teams retained on a volume-tiered discount basis to on-demand functional work on a project basis. For more information please contact



Substantiating qualitative and quantitative insights with analytical rigor applied to data sets collated through research that truly reflects on-the-ground operating realities.


With a multinational and multilingual team with strong primary research skills, our team has the ability to gather and interpret information and expertise that is not publicly available.


Providing a scalable on-demand and fast turnaround service - seizing opportunity depends not only on developing the right strategic vision but also moving it forward with agility and speed.


Projects are executed by a rigorously trained analyst and associate pool along with managers with global management consulting and investments experience.


Cost competitive relative to comparable offerings, project fees benchmarked to quality of output.

Within a year of starting...


Strategy Engagements


Due Dilligence Projects


Deal Engagements


Global expansion of a MENA Airline’s logistics IT solution

Intellia goes beyond delivering a mechanically sound business plan and actually diligences the operating assumptions to provide an accurate overview of what is achievable...

Value Creation Plan of a portfolio FMCG company in West Africa

Private Equity Firm, UAE
Commercial Due Diligence of a European construction raw material manufacturer

European Family Office

Given how scarce data can be in emerging markets, Intellia delivers quality data input through their primary and innovative research capabilities...

Intellia combines speed with quality. During crunch time, they are always able to deliver excellent output despite the time pressure...

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