1. What brought you to Intellia? What keeps you here?

I stumbled across this role at Intellia on Linkedin, took a leap of faith, and haven’t looked back since.

2. What did you learn in your first year on the job?

The learning curve during my first few months in the role has been intense - there is so much that doesn’t meet the eye. From learning about sectors and geographies you’ve never even heard of, to getting the chance to polish your people management skills and interact with stakeholders across the world - no two days look the same at Intellia.

3. What do you like most about your job?

My favourite part is definitely being able to connect the project that you’re working on with things going on in the world around you. You’ll have an aha! moment when you’re watching the news and see something related to an industry that you worked on a while ago - it really does come full circle! 

4. How do you find the balance you need at the firm?

It is easy to get carried away when you’re working on things you enjoy so much, but the team at Intellia is great at helping you strike a balance. They’ll routinely step in to assist or ask you how you’re doing, and the fact that you’re working with such a friendly bunch of people only makes things better. You should hear our office banter!

5. Tell us about your most memorable project.

My most memorable project was definitely my first one at Intellia - we worked on a tourism strategy for a country in the GCC. What made it exceptionally interesting was that I had lived there as a kid, so it felt super personal to me!

6. What has been the best training program?

Trainings have never really felt like trainings at all, mostly because they’re so hands on. Of course, the fact that I got to go on a company retreat on my third day on the job only helped!

7.  What characteristics do you believe define an INTELLIAan?

If I had to pick my top 3, I’d say collaboration, consistency, and the ability to think on your feet. Things can get intense, but as long as you’re doing these three things, any project will be a breeze.