1. What brought you to Intellia? What keeps you here?

I joined Intellia right after graduate school. I was looking for a job in the public policy sector, something that would put me in contact with leaders of industry and government decision makers. I found Intellia when I first moved to Lahore through my friend Violet, after graduating with my master’s from SOAS, University of London in International Development. Intellia gave me the opportunity to work on a variety of public sector and government projects for a wide range of government stakeholders. During my time at Intellia, I have been able to speak directly with Ministers of major GCC governments, as well as CEOs of major sovereign wealth funds and companies. The research-based nature of our works means that I quickly learn about topical important issues, such as investment strategies, carbon emissions, as well as public administration reform.

2. What did you learn in your first year on the job?


My first year on the job I learned to work quickly and smartly.  As we are dealing with very complex topics, I learned to focus in on information that will be relevant and important to the client, rather than present a broad view of a topic.   I learned to deliver key information to clients, along with high-level insights which answered clients’ requests and proved useful to their endeavors.

3. What do you like most about your job?

I like that I have the autonomy to lead research projects and organize reports in a way that best convey key insights to clients. Also, the people working at Intellia are amazing.  Everyone is really helpful, friendly and kind.  Whenever the entire team is able to get together, it is a lot of fun and laughing.

4. How do you find the balance you need at the firm?

While Intellia is hard work, the nature of project-based work is that you are able to really deep dive into one project.  Also, team members are very supportive, so I rely on my coworkers when I need help on a project or don’t understand some key finding in our reports. I think the high-quality work we do is possible because of the amazing team working at Intellia. When I’m not at Intellia, I like to knit and read – both of which are good balances to the fast-paced nature of Intellia.

5. Tell us about your most memorable project.

The most memorable project I’ve worked on has been our extensive project on carbon emissions markets. The project started out as a global overview of carbon emission markets, focusing on global leading carbon markets.  The client was so happy with this project that they asked us to do a second, in-depth study. For this project, we considered the components of a carbon market and best practices for establishing a carbon emissions market. In our research, we reached out to leading sciences and environmental policy analysts to glean insight on this subject.  Our project was very well received and it was satisfying to work on a project that will inform environmental policy on a nation-wide scale.

6. What has been the best training program?

I have learned largely on-the-job – but with great support from my mangers and coworkers. At intellia, I never feel that I am working alone, but working on a great team alongside amazing coworkers.  Intellia is really a collaborative environment, and we are constantly providing feedback and support to coworkers, which results in a better product for the client.  I think the great collaborative atmosphere is one of Intellia’s assets, as we are able to leverage every strength on staff.

7.  What characteristics do you believe define an INTELLIAan?

Intellia’s employees are hardworking, collaborative, curious, innovative and intelligent. As a staff member here, Intellia’s employees are friendly, kind, and funny.

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